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Africa-USA Now informs and empowers, creates space for debate, and allows viewers to gain a deeper understanding. Each week, we’ll invite key African and American players from business, politics, and economics to chime in on current events on the show. Come with us as we search for unique and nuanced perspectives on Africa and the US.

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Africa-USA Now is a current events show at the intersection of Africa and the US. Every day, events happen in the United States that deeply affect Africa, but these issues often go unreported. Meanwhile, Africa is rapidly evolving and is strategically essential to the US and our interconnected, globalized world. But do Americans adequately understand these changes? Africa-USA Now brings together African and American policy makers and experts to debate current events at the intersection of Africa and the US… Read More


Carol Pineau is an award-winning filmmaker and journalist with more than 20 years experience reporting on Africa. Her groundbreaking film, Africa Open for Business, and the advocacy campaign accompanying the film, helped change the coverage in major media on Africa. It was voted BBC Documentary of the Year and won several other awards. Additional film credits include Africa Investment Horizons and Kenya Stories… Read More

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